Innovative new velocity model building approaches developed for a recent, successful anisotropic 3-D prestack depth imaging project from surface through the complex permafrost layer above the Taglu Gas field are presented. Discovered and delineated in the early 1970's by Imperial Oil , Taglu is a giant gas-condensate field located onshore in the Mackenzie Delta region of Arctic Canada, approximately 120 km north-northwest of the City of Inuvik.<br><br>The final Taglu APSDM seismic volume is considered a greatly improved structural image over previous time imaging products. Structural imaging now conforms to the available field well data, with the mapped seismic structure closing for the first time on the known GWC depth without adjustment. In addition, DHI image quality has improved substantially and independent confirmation of DHI structural conformance is now clearly demonstrated directly in the seismic data.


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