The particular difficulties are called by a quantitative assessment of thickness finely - and microlayers by methods a hybrid module, which one do not participate in development, though they contain all tags of saturation by naphtha. The reliable methods permitting uniquely to select thin interlayers, miss. In this connection, the special urgency is gained by development of methods of a quantitative assessment of effective thicknesses of a nonuniform header representing an interbedding of different lithological types of rocks by thickness from 0,4 meters and up to units of a millimeter.<br>In the given job the procedure of separation by saturated naphtha of microlayers - reservoir in a layer is considered, which one is diagnosticated till a hybrid module as clay.<br>The actual lithological types and their thicknesses on a core are determined with application of a profilograph. On value of extremums on a profile record the lithological type of a rock, and also border of junction of one type of a rock to other is determined. The data of contouring of a core, and also value of porosity and permeability are put on the diagram GR, that allows in detail to differentiate a drilling log in lithological and petrophysics aspect.<br>


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