Functional characteristics and technical parameters of telemetering and wireless systems of collecting seismic data, that are built on the basis of high-accuracy (high-precision) and high-tech receivers POCA (telemetric) and POCA-A(autonomous), are presented. Both POCA and POCA-A are built with use of new generation elements. These developed multi-dimensional systems of collecting seismic data are protected with patents (RU &#8470;2244945, &#8470;41376, &#8470;300546).<br>Telemetric system with use of portable receivers POCA provides multi-channel (up to several thousands) registration of seismic data in real time while conducting multi-dimensional (2D, 3D, 4D) and multi-component (2C, 3C, 4C) seismic survey with different sources of stimulating elastic vibration. The control system of the POCA station provides high reliability and accuracy of information and low exploitation expenditures during the exploration phase. <br>Wireless system of registration of seismic data with use of autonomous receivers POCA-A is designed to conduct long-term and/or operating high-accuracy seismic survey during seismic monitoring or deep in detail investigations. The technology of collecting seismic data, which is used in presented system with spatially-divided receivers, provides easy routine work of sources of elastic vibration with almost unlimited quantity of receivers’ locations.<br>


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