Optimization of drilling, especially of horizontal side tracks, is based on the prompt acquisition of information about the interaction of a drilling tool and a bottom-hole zone and the use of this information to control the drilling process. To solve this problem a new technology of adaptive drilling is proposed allowing the immediate (with the time delay of a few seconds), real-time control of the drilling of rocks with due regard of bottom-hole geomechanical conditions, estimate the drilling bit wear in course of drilling, optimize the drilling bit feed rate and duration of drilling at a maximum admissible bit wear. The Adaptive Drilling Control (ADC) is based on the analysis of elastic seismo-acoustic waves generated in the bottom-hole zone while drilling. Seismic sensors are mounted on the surface and at the upper section of a drilling stem without using any telemetry with the bottom hole. Considered are results of industrial testing of ADC technology inn the areas of |Orenburg, Samara and other petroleum regions.


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