The successful drilling of the deep well is impossible without reliable prognosis geological factors in the real-time conditions. The wrong choice of mud-weight, drilling mud changeover program or well design can conduce to serious problems such as lost circulation, mud loss, and ingress of fluids, uncontrolled flow, blow-outs, and other emergency situations in the borehole. We interpreted and analyzed the extensive information for creation the optimal technology of the whole making on the area of the West Kuban Depression. The AFP zone analysis allowed to identification the different special characteristics and the main rules of pressures distribution in vertical trend and on the horizontal (area) spreading for the West Kuban Depression formations. It gives the opportunities of feasibility of pressure prediction during the well-projecting and borehole construction processes. The detection of the character of pore and formation pressures distributions is important for the drilling efficiency rise and for the many geological problem insight (like the problems of the oil and gas accumulation and the hydrocarbon travel).


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