Joint use of natural electromagnetic fields in the audio frequency range and fields generated by remote radiostations for detection and tracing of uranuim-bearing paleochannels, overlaid by neogen basalts in Amalat plateau in East Siberia, is discussed. The feasibility of detection and tracing of paleovalleys was investigated both using numerical modelling, and field experimental surveys. Field survey, totally 30 sites, was carried out in summer2005 using AMTF instrument and high frequency unit of ESP-103 instrument. AMTF is used for tensor audiomagnetotelluric (AMT) soundings in the range of 0.1 – 7000 Hz and enables the use of local telluric base measurement scheme, which enhances signal to noise ratio in the range of the natural minimum of signal. ESP high frequency unit is used for scalar measurement of fields generated by remote radio stations (RMT) in the range of 10 – 300 kHz. AMT and RMT data joint satisfactorily allowing the obtained broad band soundings to be used in inversion. The geoelectrical section obtained from the inversion correspond to that known from drilling reasonably well. Some elements of the approach described can be used also in search for gold deposits and similar tasks.


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