Effectiveness of hydrocarbons deposits development in the Siberian platform is sufficiently increased using modern transient electromagnetic soundings (TEM). The new digital telemetering electroprospecting station “Picket” is result of team-work of enterprises – Irkutskgeophysics (Irkutsk) and GeoTeleSystems (Novosibirsk). The basis of multichannel measuring system is remote field meters with 24-digit ADC, built-in GPS-receivers. For hardware control and data processing the special software complex is developed.<br>High accuracy of measurements and productivity of an equipment and software allows to solve at a new level a wide spectrum of problems on studying a geological structure in various physic-geographic conditions. Station’s capabilities allow speaking about good universality and prospects of using of system with complex spatial survey configuration or multicomponent registration.<br>The realized algorithms of data processing and noise-rejection allow to receive a qualitative data on the areas where studying by electromagnetic methods was earlier extremely complicated or impossible. The small time step of measuring and high spatial density of observation which is reached with telemetering registration systems, provide increasing of volumes of the registered data, allow essentially improve the signal to noise ratio and to raise accuracy of an estimation of geoelectric parameters.


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