Recovery of commercial oil and gas fields in basement rocks of northern edge of Dnieper-Donets oil & gas area is very important both for the Ukraine and Belarus. Dnieper-Donets depression (DDD) and Prypiat trough are genetically similar structures in geological construction and history. They are two main parts of Prypiat-Dnieper-Donets aulacogen. Within both structures, tectonic & volcanic activities in the past and seismic activity at present, similarity of geological construction and petrography composition of basement, widespread appearance of crust of weathering and incompact dense zones in basement rocks that have good reservoir properties have been observed. <br>Nothern edge Prypiat trough basement geological structure is a genetic continuation of northern edge Dnieper graben basement geological structure. Hence, it is significant to analyze and compare the geological objects to single out perspectives of oil & gas accumulation within northeastern part of Prypiat trough. An analysis of oil & gas-bearing areas in basement rocks of Dnieper graben northern edge and collation of basic (geological, geophysical, petrophysical, hydrogeological) characteristics of oil & gas-bearing areas of Dnieper graben northern edge with appropriate characteristics of perspective areas for similar structure of Prypiat graben have been done. <br>


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