Integrated geophysical and seismic prospecting data interpretation based on attribute analysis has been conducted and is shown as example at one of the Western Siberian oil field. Measured parameters validation and hydrocarbons reserves estimation discovered via wildcat drilling in the Jurassic deposits were the main objectives. Oil field modelling was conducted by forecasting SP relative amplitude parameter. Predicted sections were used for calculation of the following maps: a) areal distribution maps of oil deposits' effective thicknesses, b) substantiation maps of oil reservoirs' substitution boundaries. Technology of complex interpretation developed in PANGEA Inc. efficiently allowed accomplishing deposits geometrization task under conditions of compound sandstone allocation, their inner nonuniform structure typical for alluvial formations, hosting Tyumen suite pay reservoirs. The conclusion is grounded at results of prognosis matching made by one well and data from 7 well drilled later. Refined deposits models made essential changes in reserves estimation and allowed allocating new structural features of the pay section part, thus giving grounds for high prospects of oil reserves and production growing at the deposit studied.


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