In this paper, we provide a brief review of standard survey and analysis methods for ground<br>penetrating radar (GPR) and then introduce a new method for producing three-dimensional (3-D)<br>images of the subsurface using GPR. We outline the theory of the new imaging method, called<br>Array Beam Imaging ( ABI ), by way of a schematic description. We then show results from<br>application of the ABI imaging method to the characterization of a former manufactured gas<br>plant (MGP) site. The 3-D image results are examined using 3-D isosurfaces, 3-D and 2-D<br>volumetric projections, and 2-D tomographic slices. These techniques improve the interpretation<br>of the otherwise standard GPR survey of the relatively complex characteristics of the gas holder<br>and coal tar at the site. Finally, we discuss the relative advantages of the ABI method over<br>traditional methods and summarize some potential future applications of the method.


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