Base Realignment and Closure of a former munition storage and demilitarization facility initiated<br>the closure of a RCRA permitted open burning/ open detonation (OB/OD) area. Explosive<br>constituents detected in soil and ground water necessitated an assessment to define impacts to<br>ground water and to design a monitoring well network, required during the post-closure care<br>period. The complex geological setting of the OB/OD area, located on the flank of a regional<br>uplift where geologic strata transition from nearly flat lying to dipping up to 60 degrees westward<br>with numerous faults, made development of a conceptual hydrogeologic model problematic. A<br>seismic reflection survey was performed to better define the surface and subsurface geological<br>relationships, and structural features within the area that could be influencing ground water flow.<br>Following interpretation of the seismic data, the results were incorporated with traditional<br>sources of geological data to select monitoring well locations.


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