A new field system named “Land Streamer” has been developed and successfully<br>applied for high-resolution S-wave shallow reflection surveys at the paved areas. The land<br>streamer is a multi-channel receiver system with a CDP cable and a pair of non-stretchable<br>textile belts. A total of 48 geophone units are clamped on each belt with 50 cm spacing.<br>The streamer is 30 m in total length with 23.5 m long active section. It is easily towed by a<br>vehicle that carries the seismograph or by a few crew members. The system provides us<br>considerably clean records although each geophone unit of the streamer is indirectly<br>coupled with paved ground surface through a small baseplate of aluminum 8 cm wide and<br>11 cm long. Because of its easiness to move the spread, we can accomplish a high<br>performance of the field work.<br>A field survey carried out on the sidewalk along a heavy traffic roadway reveals the tool<br>is quite hardy to the traffic noise. We successfully obtained high-resolution profiles for the<br>near surface to about 60 m in depth using the land streamer.


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