At the Boise Hydrogeophysical Research Site (BHRS), we are characterizing the<br>hydrogeophysical parameters of a cobble-and-sand, unconfined aquifer using a wide variety of<br>geophysical methods. Our goal is to develop methods for mapping variations in permeability by<br>combining non-invasive geophysical data with hydrologic measurements. We are using seismic,<br>ground penetrating radar, and electrical methods in a variety of configurations to provide images<br>of and parameter distributions at the BHRS. Issues such as resolution, depth of penetration, and<br>the ability to image the desired parameters will help determine the most effective methods.<br>Supporting data sets from the BHRS include core analyses and geophysical logs from 18 wells at<br>the site. We will use these data to verify our geophysical interpretations. The various geophysical<br>methods and acquisition geometries, combined with the well control, will provide an outstanding<br>data set to characterize the heterogeneity of the subsurface beneath this alluvial aquifer, and find<br>ways to map permeability with geophysical information.


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