The Scintrex PDS-3M Pipeline Detection System was engineered to detect steel pipelines as<br>small as 2 inches in diameter under favourable conditions. Using three Scintrex CS-2 cesium<br>vapour magnetometer sensors arranged in a triangular fashion in a helicopter towed bird, the<br>PDS-3 system measures all three components of the magnetic gradient and the total magnetic<br>intensity. The data is interpreted to yield the location, likely layout of the magnetic responses.<br>The combination of high sensitivity gradient measurements and data collection from an airborne<br>platform allows for rapid surveying over areas which are difficult to access, such as over<br>swamps. The PDS-3M survey yields a good infrastructure maps for the 3D seismic acquisition<br>companies to plan their survey. The presented case history is taken from a PDS-3M survey over<br>an oil field in Mexico. It shows that the existing infrastructure maps are often grossly simplified<br>- creating uncertainty in the “safe areas” for seismic shot point locations. With the increased<br>confidence of the pipeline locations due to a PDS-3M survey, the safe areas for shotpoints were<br>identified and gaps in the seismic coverage were tilled in.


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