The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) has an active program on developing<br>standards for use of direct push technology for environmental sites characterization. Numerous<br>ASTM subcommittees are working on standards for environmental site characterization. ASTM<br>committee D-l 8 on Soil and Rock developed subcommittee D-18.21 to develop standards on<br>ground water and vadose zone investigations. Direct push technology is focused in<br>subcommittee section D-l 8.21 .O 1 on direct push technology. Standard guides have been<br>published on direct push soil and water sampling. Standards on use of the electronic cone<br>penetrometer and the use of laser induced fluorescence have been completed. A general guide on<br>different induced fluorescence techniques are under development. Standards are needed for<br>resistivity/conductivity penetrometers. There are new penetrometer sensors being developed<br>which will eventually require standardization. The approach has been to generate general<br>information guides and then to develop more specific operations techniques for specific sampling<br>systems. Contrary to claims of ASFE and NGWA our guides do not restrict the use of<br>engineering judgement or development of new technologies. ASTM standards will evolve to<br>include new technologies as they are developed. However, monetary support from government is<br>now gone, the process is time consuming, and many participants find it hard to generate the<br>needed standards. It is doubtful the section will generate specific operations guides for<br>individual equipments.


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