This paper discusses the adaptation of electrical resistivity tomography (ERT) for near-real time<br>monitoring of steam injection during Dynamic Underground Stripping for Environmental<br>Remedition. This application required very large data sets to be collected, processed and imaged<br>in less than 24 hours and still produce reliable, high quality images. The paper describes and<br>automated data processing system to reduce and image data sets collected with an automated<br>collection system. Data quality is assessed by collecting a reciprical measurement for every data<br>point. A variety of errors can be detected by errors in reciprical measurements. On one site, it<br>was found that a number of electrode strings were defective and were replaced. Replacing the<br>electrode strings dramatically improved the quality of the images. It was also found to be<br>necessary to use a fully three-dimensional interpretation routine which allowed for the modeling<br>of metal well casings near the image planes. Finally, an example shows the ability of ERT to<br>track the advance of a complex, rapidly changing steam front.


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