Newmont Exploration Limited’s Carlin based geophysics team primarily concerns itself with<br>gold exploration along the 101 Moz Carlin Trend. While most of this activity takes place off the<br>mine sites, occasions arise where the team is called upon or recognizes an opportunity to perform<br>tasks for mine operations and engineering.<br>Various electrical and potential field methods have been used in different applications with<br>mixed results. Past efforts have included electrical potential mapping for leak detection in leach<br>solution collection ponds and bio-leach culture tanks; time domain EM was utilized in leach pad<br>solution saturation studies; and highly detailed gravity has been used in void detection in the<br>Rain Pit. Brief case histories of each of these are presented. Included are logistical scenarios and<br>methodology of select applications and their results.<br>Results of past geophysical efforts by NEL have proved highly successful, resulting in quick,<br>inexpensive, and definitive answers for mine operations and engineering problems.


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