Much of the time as practicing geophysicists we have rightly focused our attention on<br>refining and developing our craft, technical ability, and know-how. Throughout our early<br>education and early technical work, geophysicists gain the necessary tools to be good practitioners<br>of their science. However, we are most often left to our own devices to learn the business and<br>selling skills required to obtain and maintain the work that brings satisfaction to our careers as<br>geophysicists. This paper focuses on some of the essential tools that can be used in selling and<br>marketing geophysics to others (e.g., engineers, attorneys, and developers).<br>Three essential keys are important to selling. First, you must have a sellable commodity.<br>As geophysicists this is our technical know-how, ability, and experience. Secondly, you must have<br>enthusiasm for what you are doing. You must genuinely enjoy and believe in geophysics and what<br>it can do for your client. Your clients and potential clients will see this and will get caught up in<br>your enthusiasm. Thirdly, you must have a strategy for your approach, or a marketing plan which<br>outlines your approach to selling and provides you with a road map to follow. Additionally, you<br>must be able to understand your client’s needs. It is important to keep the lines of<br>communication open with clients, as communication is paramount and will determine the amount<br>of follow-on work and types of referrals you receive.<br>Marketing and selling is the “work of getting work.” Networking and the development of<br>relationships is the bottom line in sales and marketing. People work with people and generally<br>contract people they trust and like. Winning at sales takes common sense and diligent effort.<br>The fruit of this labor is continued success and growth of your business. To the geophysicist, sales<br>is a means to an end which allows you to be involved in the work you enjoy and to help bring<br>fulfillment to your career as a geophysicist.


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