An interactive graphics system, called GeoSim/GeoEyes, has been developed to model acoustic and electromagnetic<br>wave propagation in realistic geological media and to assess tomographic imaging scenarios on simulated data for<br>shallow subsurface exploration applications using seismic and ground-penetrating radar (GPR) data. The GeoSim/<br>GeoEyes simulation environment has been developed on a UNIX workstation using X Windows/Motif interactive<br>graphics. The system consists of four main sets of subprocesses controlled from the top-level main function: (1) geological<br>model and parameters scenario generation, (2) signal simulation, (3) tomographic image preview and generation,<br>(4) and image display and analysis. Although GeoSim/GeoEyes has been primarily developed to assess tomographic<br>imaging schemes using simulated signals prior to actual data collection, the system has also been developed to process<br>actual seismic and electromagnetic data collected in the field. Thus, comparison of simulated imaging scenarios with<br>those generated from actual data will allow the evaluation of the validity of the models and to improve the accuracy of<br>the model parameters.


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