Older 2D seismic data in the Falc6n basin, Zulia and Falcon states, northwestern Venezuela, indicates the<br>probable existence of a fold and thrust belt in northwestern Venezuela. This belt is likely the result of the collision of<br>the Caribbean Plate with the South American Plate during the Paleogene. A second pulse during the Lower Miocene<br>is also recorded on 2D seismic profiles near the coast of Falcbn. Southwest vergent thrusts are evidenced in the<br>Cocuiza basin, on the Dabajuro high and the Coro platform. Younger south vergent thrusts with large fault<br>propagated folds are seen within the Urumaco trough. Although some of the low-angle thrusting is due to wrench<br>movements along the Oca fault system, much of the thrusting can be attributed to compression rather than<br>transpression during plate collision.


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