The mesopause temperature profile has been measured at São José dos Campos (23.2o S, 45.9o W) for a total of 15<br>nights from July to October 1998. The technique used is the measurement of the Doppler temperature of the sodium<br>atoms present in the atmospheric sodium layer with a Lidar. During 7 of the 15 days of Lidar temperature data,<br>simultaneous measurements of the rotational temperature of the OH(6,2) band at 843.0 nm and the O2 (0,1)<br>Atmospheric band at 864.5 nm were obtained at a nearby station, Cachoeira Paulista (22.7o S , 45.2o W), with a tilting<br>filter photometer. There is a fair agreement between the OH temperature and the Gaussian weighted temperature<br>calculated using the Lidar temperatures centered on 84.7 km and with a half-width of 4.5 km, consistent with rocket<br>measurements for the OH emission profile, for most of the days. But no consistent combination of height and half-width<br>can reproduce the absolute value and variation of the O2 (0,1) temperature for most of the days, suggesting that the<br>transition probabilities used for determining the latter may need to be revised.


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