In order to investigate the reflectivity in the earth subsurface by seismic method, we need to introduce some assumption<br>about the macrovelocity model above the reflector. This is achieved by applying to the input seismic data a weighted<br>diffraction stack operator, which theoretical development is based on a Kirchhoff type migration integral. By choosing the<br>proper weight for stacking the data, the result of the migration process is a seismic section where the amplitude is<br>proportional to the reflection coefficient, the so-called true-amplitude migration. For considering a more realistic situation,<br>we develope a migration algorithm that works very well with constant gradient velocity media. In order to better<br>understanding the numerical behavior of the proposed algorithm, we consider in this paper only the kinematic aspects of<br>migration process, i.e. when the weight function is the unit.


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