Dynamic position vessels (semi, drill ships, tug boats) performing deepwater petroleum exploration and<br>production works at Campos Basin (22.46º S, 40.06º W), use DGPS (Differential Global Positioning System) as<br>one of two available reference positioning system. A loss of one system degrade the DP vessels and could<br>interrupt the operation. From middle of September 1998 up to February 1999 scintillation on GPS satellite radio<br>signal and differential satellite signal, at the Campos Basin (Petrobrás-Macaé-RJ), caused deterioration and<br>even loss of the GPS positioning system, from about 2030 up to 2400 LT. As this coincides with the time interval<br>of ionospheric irregularities occurrence, we analysed the signal amplitude using Cornell University GPS<br>receiver, specially developed to detect scintillations during such irregularities, which is operational at São José<br>dos Campos (23o S, 45o W, dip latitude 13o S) since September 1997. Good correlation was observed between<br>these events, using this methodology.


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