The Porto Seguro area receives a high flow of tourists along the year thus generating problems related to water supply. The water used in the city comes from wells drilled in the Barreiras Formation and its importance has motivated a regional geophysical survey using the electric resistivity method. A total of 31 vertical electrical sounding (SEV) were performed using Schulumberger array. The interpretation of the SEVs has been carried out considering the local geology and logging profile of the drilled wells, allowing for a definition of a model of the area’s aquifer. In the quantitative interpretation of the SEVs, a Fortran program has been developed based on the algorithm proposed by Porsani et al, 1998, which uses the linearized inversion method with Lp variant norm. The inversion method was applied on the synthetic and measured SEV data and was compared with traditional L1 and L2 results.


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