A massive non-exclusive seismic data acquisition program is presently being conducted offshore the eastern<br>Brazilian Coast. The series of 2-D survey projects consists of 80,000 kilometers and were designed by<br>Schlumberger Geco-Prakla. The surveys are tailored for shelf and deep-water exploration and accounts for the<br>current significant advances in seismic data acquisition, seismic data processing and data interpretation.<br>These, together with advances in deepwater drilling technology, have extended exploration and production<br>operations offshore Brazil towards the continental slope and rise.<br>Three modern vessels the M/V Geco Marlin, the M/V Akademik Shatskiy and the M/V Geco Tau are designated to<br>undertake the project back to back. With Geco-Prakla’s rapid processing turnaround time these data will be<br>readily available for the forthcoming ANP bid rounds.<br>Seismic surveys will focus mainly in the three offshore basins that, historically, have the best hydrocarbon<br>exploratory risk/reward ratio, the Santos Basin, the Campos Basin and the Espirito Santo Basin. Schlumberger<br>Geco-Prakla has also designed comprehensive survey inventories of the Brazilian Continental Margin.<br>This modern seismic exploration of the eastern Brazilian Margin is geared towards the imaging of hydrocarbon<br>plays of the pre-salt and post-salt sequences. Seismic resolution in these sequences have improved<br>substantially with modern technologies now employed in data acquisition, data processing and data<br>interpretation. Pre-stack time migrations with higher order NMO are applied to all lines whereas selected<br>regional lines are pre-stack depth migration processed.


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