During the exploratory phase of the petroleum industry, explosives are being largely employed. Up until<br>some years ago, SAFETY in their use had very little consideration, in Brasil as well as abroad. As a result,<br>there were a number of accidents involving inhabitants of the regions where there had been oil prospection,<br>causing deaths and mutiliation.<br>In Brasil, investigation of a tragedy caused by the finding of a charge left over from seismic work, showed<br>that the explosive with its electric cap, had been left buried in a swampy area for various years, and had<br>maintained all of its physical/chemical properties. When inadvertently handled, it exploded, causing death<br>and destruction.<br>Our company is specialized in seismic prospection and have instituted strict safety procedures, in order to<br>eliminate all possibilities of similar accidents happening.<br>However, we should call attention to the fact that many years still constitute potential risks, which are being<br>aggravated by the incrase of demographic density. Special attention by the authorities is recommended, so<br>that accidents can be avoided. Areas under risk should be cheched over by specialized personnel, to<br>eliminate abandonned charges, which certainly constitute a major risk in many regions where explorations<br>was intense.


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