The Cuban orogenic belt, is a key in the geological evolution of the Caribbean. We centered the study in the AEF of the<br>basins of collision; developed from the Upper Cretaceous Campanian-Maastrichtian in which began the collision of the<br>volcanic island arc with the southern passive margin of the North American Plate and continuous obduction and over<br>thrust until ends of the Middle Eocene.<br>In this work, we propose the foreland basin system for occidental and central Cuba, with age beginning from the Upper<br>Campanian-Maastrichtian. Reaffirming the importance of these sequences like collectors of petroleum. These meet<br>within the group of depozones that develop from the beginning of the foreland basins system, and by oligo-miecene<br>movements and recent have been distinguished in the basins recognized as Central, Saramaguacán (California), Vertientes and another of great importance for petroleum prospecting.


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