The sea-bottom morphology of Campos Basin was interpreted based on side-scan sonar mosaics and swath<br>bathymetry allowing the definition of distinct geomorphological provinces. Prominent NW-SE fault related<br>structures were observed and are controlling the location and orientation of ravines and canyons present on the<br>continental slope and the orientation of salt domes, salt diapirs and salt ridges occurring on the São Paulo<br>Plateau.<br>On the São Paulo Plateau, these NW-SE structures conditioned avenues for sedimentary bypass and created<br>bathymetric barriers for the post-Miocene sedimentation. Inside the São Paulo Plateau, to the north of the<br>Almirante Câmara Canyon, the sedimentary progradation was responsible for the formation of a North-South<br>salt ridge, which is itself deformed by NW-SE structures, represented by salt domes aligned in this direction.<br>These NW-SE structures are not related to the direction of continental basement structures at Campos Basin<br>neither to obvious oceanic basement structures in this direction. It is suggested that the origin of these<br>structures is transcendent to the basinal processes and probably related to the regional lithospheric stress field.


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