Receiver functions from an array of three broadband<br>seismographic stations improved the understanding of<br>Moho behavior in the Brasília Belt and São Francisco<br>Craton boundary, in central Brazil. They determined the<br>westwards dip of Moho under Cavalcante. Together with<br>refraction data, permitted inferring the Rio Paranã discontinuity<br>as a former crustal listric fault, and the Brasília Belt-<br>São Francisco Craton boundary as a block moved upwards.<br>Crustal Vp/Vs in the region is 1.69 and Moho<br>depth varies between 38 km and 43 km. There is a low<br>Vp/Vs crustal anomaly NNE of Cavalcante, probably<br>related to granite intrusions of Goiás Tin Province.


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