A 200 Km geophysical transect crossing both on<br>shore terrains of the Espirito Santo basin and the<br>contiguous crystalline region has recently been<br>established. It includes magnetotellurics - MT,<br>transient electromagnetics – TEM, potential field -<br>magnetic and gravimetric mesurements as part of a<br>multi-institutional project involving UENF, UnB,<br>Petrobras and Observatório Nacional aiming at the<br>regional characterization of the basin. The objectives<br>of the study comprehend better knowledge of the<br>basement structure, continental crust – oceanic crust<br>contact, crust- mantle contact, lateral variations of<br>crustal structures, etc. This paper is concerned with<br>the very first results obtained with the MT and TEM<br>methods along the transect. Main results to date are<br>the geoelectrical signatures of the on shore basin<br>limits and the Colatina Vitoria fault.


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