This is the report of an integrated geophysical survey<br>on a landfill system, composed of three urban solid<br>waste disposals located in three different old quarries<br>of sand and gravel.<br>The landfills have different ages and different isolation<br>systems. The oldest one (called A) was closed in the<br>eighties and doesn’t have any isolation, the second one<br>(called B) was closed in the nineties and has a clay<br>isolation layer as prescribed by the Italian law of 1982,<br>the third one (called C) is open and has HDPE isolation.<br>In all the case studies, the depth of the body waste is<br>about 20 m and the water table is located at 70 m from<br>the surface.<br>To investigate the area, earth resistivity and induced<br>polarisation tomography have been used.<br>Two N-S lines of 630 m and one E-W line of 310 m<br>have been done in different periods of the year in order<br>to define:<br>• The most proper measurement array geometry<br>• The landfills geometry<br>• The waste resistivity and chargeability features<br>• Contamination in the surrounding geological strata<br>due to leachate movement


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