This work aims at presenting some topics about the methodology employed by Brazil in order to determine<br>the foot of the continental slope and another one that would be developed from stratigraphical studies for the<br>same intention in accordance to United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS). Just to<br>exemplify, the method was applied in the Brazilian Southern Margin. The Brazilian’s methodology was<br>developed as established on 76 article, line b, UNCLOS: “…the foot of continental slope (FCS) is the point of<br>the maximum change in gradient in its base”. In the same area were carried out data from core samples and<br>their results may be considered as an alternative method to FCS determination, in terms of: “In the absence of<br>evidence in contrary, ….”, as establishes the same convention. When both results were plotted, it could be<br>noticed that Brazilian’s methodological results presents a reasonable coherence and consistence, and even,<br>may not be considered “aggressive” in terms of territorial demands.


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