An experimental investigation has been carried out<br>using GPR - Ground Penetrating Radar methods in<br>Taquari River, located in Pantanal Matogrossense<br>Basin - Brazil, in order to understand the silting<br>process on the river and also to map the channels<br>along the river, that is essential to local navigation.<br>Many GPR profiles have been carried out in Lower<br>Taquari river, near Santa Maria and Porto Santa Luzia<br>farms. Preliminary interpretations were encouraging,<br>allowing to locate the channels of the river and the<br>occurrence of very big sand deposits, showing the<br>viability of GPR application to Taquari river<br>sedimentation process studies. All data collected are<br>now been analysing in order to understand the local<br>dynamic sedimentation process, as part of a MSc.<br>Dissertation in progress by an IAG-USP student.<br>Results from these geophysical investigations are<br>going to serve as guidance to multidisciplinary<br>studies of Pantanal Program, by government of Mato<br>Grosso do Sul State.


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