In an East-West section located at 29° South latitude<br>gravimetric and magnetic surveys were carried out.<br>This section crosses the north of the Precordillera<br>Cuyana and Sierras Pampeanas (including the<br>Famatina System) over the Andean Cordillera. Applying<br>different filtering techniques four distinct<br>gravity anomaly profiles were obtained. The most<br>significant residual anomaly (+60mGal) is related<br>both to Western Sierras Pampeanas and the western<br>portion of the Famatina system. These structures<br>characteristics allow us to attribute it to dense bodies<br>located at intermediate crust. To the East of the<br>Famatina’s axis both a gravity anomaly of -50 mGal<br>and a magnetic anomaly of +200 nT related to lowdensity<br>masses were calculated.


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