The interpretation of potential<br>fields is generally carried out in<br>frequency domain due to (1) simplicity in<br>the implementation of signal processing<br>tools, and (2) easy and concise<br>characterization of potential field signals<br>caused by a large variety of source<br>model. In the frequency domain<br>geophysical source parameters such as<br>density, susceptibility, reflectivity<br>sequences etc. have been assumed as<br>uncorrelated and randomly distributed<br>because of mathematical simplicity and<br>non-availability of information about the<br>subsurface source distribution. However,<br>in the contrary source distribution of<br>physical parameters is correlated<br>following the scaling/fractal laws i.e.<br>power spectra are proportional to a<br>power of frequency f, as f -b where b is<br>scaling exponent. This is discovered from<br>the detailed analysis of density,<br>susceptibility, reflection coefficients<br>series etc. of several borehole data<br>around the world including the German<br>Continental Deep Drilling Program<br>(KTB) in southeastern Germany.


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