The statistics of lightning in towers recorded by direct<br>measurements in Morro do Cachimbo (MCS - Brazil),<br>Pretoria (SAF - South Africa), Mount San Salvatore<br>(SSS, Switzerland- two towers), and Maki (JAP -<br>Japan) stations are presented in this paper. Typical<br>curves obtained at Morro do Cachimbo station are<br>shown and a new nomenclature for positive junction<br>lightning is suggested. The total number of lightning<br>analyzed is 1349 flashes divided among the stations<br>as: 53 (MCS), 66 (SAF), 967 (SSS), 118 (SSS) and<br>145 (JAP). The highest percent is of 59% for the<br>negative upward flashes, where SSS contributed with<br>732 events and the lowest percent is of less than 1%<br>for the rarest so-called positive downward flash. The<br>other percentage are: Negative downward flash with<br>25,9%, positive upward flash 10%, positive junction<br>flash 3,7% and unknown flash 1,3%. The mean flash<br>multiplicity confirms the tendency to increase with<br>decreasing latitude.


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