Usually, the most of intermittent wells are producing<br>in commingles completions, what represent a high<br>source of troubles during the well production time.<br>Production logging (PL) services can be performed<br>successfully in intermittent wells with the<br>development of a new well log analysis program,<br>called PAINTWELL, which permits to use of the<br>same tool string configuration than a conventional PL<br>tools, following different acquisition procedures.<br>The PAINTWELL program, described in this work, is<br>supported by the log time concepts to perform the PL<br>operations. The procedures sequence is defined by the<br>program before start the operation. It’s part of this program:<br>- Job procedure.<br>- Real-time or memory wellsite data validation .<br>- Wellsite Quick Look interpretation.<br>- Final Log Interpretation.<br>- Production Methods improvement.<br>- Actions taken to recovery the well potential.


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