The F-region cut-off frequency foF2 and the hpF2<br>parameter obtained at 15-minute intervals at the<br>equatorial station Fortaleza (3o 53’ S, 38o 25’ W , dip<br>3.5o S ) and the low latitude station Cachoeira Paulista<br>(22o 41’ S, 45o 00’ W dip 24o S ) in the months<br>of February, May, August and November, 1978, are<br>analyzed here in the light of the International Reference<br>Ionosphere prediction. Similarly, the electron<br>density profiles obtained by three rocket flights in the<br>Brazilian equatorial region are analyzed here. The<br>three launchings were carried out on July 7, 1984,<br>December 11, 1985 and October 14, 1994. The first<br>and the second launchings were performed at the subequatorial<br>station Natal (35º14’W, 5º55’S, dip –9.6ºS)<br>and the third one at the magnetic equator station Alcântara<br>(2º19’S, 44º22W, dip –0.5ºS).


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