The primary purpose of this study was to identify geophysical<br>methods that were cheap, quick, readily available for use which<br>would yield an indicative response over a known kimberlite. The<br>following methods were selected for assessment: ground magnetics,<br>self potential, radiometrics, horizontal loop electromagnetic (HLEM),<br>and very low frequency (VLF) EM. Gravity results from a previous<br>survey conducted in the 1970’s by O'Okiep Copper Company were<br>sufficient to indicate that the gravity method is successful. An<br>opportunity to evaluate ground penetrating radar became available<br>and this method was tested and proved unsuccessful. The results of<br>this survey indicate that the magnetic, gravity, radiometric, and<br>HLEM methods all yield indicative responses over the Goedgevonden<br>kimberlite,


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