A06 IOR Strategies for the Final Stage of the Development of Chutyrsko-Kiengopskoye Oil Field A.A. Mosesyan* (Petroleum Technologies) A.A. Forafonov (Petroleum Technologies) R.A. Rybakov (Petroleum Technologies) A.V. Berlin (Izhevsk Oil Scientific Centre (Udmurtneft)) & A.L. Gavrikov (Izhevsk Oil Scientific Centre (Udmurtneft)) SUMMARY Chutyrsko-Kiengopskoye is the largest carbonate field in Udmurtia Russia with more than 400 million tons (2.2 billion barrels) of oil in place. The field is laterally divided into two areas with four similar productive horizons in each. The field has been in development since 1971 with more than 1300 wells drilled. Viscosity of reservoir fluid ranges from 9


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