A09 Novel Alkyl Ether Sulfonates for Improved Oil Recovery from Yibal Field (Oman) M. Aoudia* (Sultan Qaboos University) R.S. Al-Maamari (Sultan Qaboos University) M. Nabipoor (Shiraz University) A.S. Al-Bemani (Sultan Qaboos University) & S. Ayatollahi (Shiraz University) SUMMARY This study investigates the possibility to inject dilute aqueous solutions of novel surfactants into the Yibal field (Sultanate of Oman). Novel surfactants selected in this work consists of a series of ether sulfonates (7-58 AES-128 AES-208 AES-218 AES-506) and an amphoteric surfactant (6-105). All surfactants displayed dynamic interfacial tension (IFT) behavior between Yibal oil and formation water at the average reservoir temperature


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