A14 3D Seismic Imaging of Structural and Lithofacies Properties and Time Lapse Monitoring of an EOR- CO2-Flood – Hall-Gurney Field A.E. Raef* (Kansas Geological Survey-The University of Kansas) R.D. Miller (Kansas Geological Survey-University of Kansas) A.P. Byrnes (Kansas Geological Survey-University of Kansas) W.L. Watney (Kansas Geological Survey-University of Kansas) & E.K. Franseen (Kansas Geological Survey-University of Kansas) SUMMARY Time-lapse seismic was utilized to monitor carbon dioxide movement and aid reservoir modeling in an enhanced oil recovery/sequestration pilot study. The target interval was a 900-m deep 5-m thick oomoldic limestone. in the Hall-Gurney Field central Kansas USA. Fluid replacement modeling indicted


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