P01 Integrated 3D Seismic Petrophysical Data of the Sarvak Formation Sirri District in the Persian Gulf A. Bashari* (Irannian Offshore Oil Company) SUMMARY Sirri district forms part of vast sedimentary area located between: The Qatar uplift in the west. The mio-geosyncline of the Zagross in the north. The Omanides geosyncline in the south east. To the south this sedimentary extends to the Rub Alkali desert. The study of the Middle- Late Cretaceous contains Mishrif Khatiyah and Mauddud members which called Sarvak (equivalent to Cenomanian of Middle Cretaceous) and Late Cretaceous formations contains Laffan Ilam and Gurpi. Among them the Mishrif


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