P03 IOR with Offshoots Application N.A. Cheremisin* (SurgutNefteGaz) A.A. Klimov (SurgutNefteGaz) P.A. Efimov (SurgutNefteGaz) & R.A. Bulatov (SurgutNefteGaz) SUMMARY Offshoots application is universal IOR and stimulation of production method. It is effective during various development stages and allows solving a problem of remaining reserves recovery in interwell space nondraining because of limited stimulation radius of physicochemical and hydrodynamic advanced recovery methods. Moreover sidehole drilling allows: to realize replacing of simulation zones regulate displacement front and rehabilitate damaged low producing and drowned well stock. The especial problem for OJSC Sugrutneftegaz is increase development efficiency of oil-and-gas fields containing about 25.5% of


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