Space Geodesy provides many important products. These products are applicable in numerous scientific, industrial and commercial applications. The current hub for Space Geodetic activities is the Space Geodesy Programme at the Hartebeesthoek Radio Astronomy Observatory. A new fundamental space geodetic observatory for South Africa has however been proposed and various workshops were held to date in this regard. The main drivers for a new station are the ageing and subsequent breakdown of current equipment as well as deteriorating atmospheric seeing conditions at HartRAO. Current equipment that still functions also does not provide the resolution and sensitivity needed by modern techniques. Initial surveys highlighted Matjiesfontein as a very good option in terms of numerous factors. These factors will be discussed. The actual site is located about 4 km south of the village in a shallow valley in the mountains and is ideal to become a new fudicial site for Africa. A GPS Reference station as well as a weather station has already been installed on this site. Current equipment at the Matjiesfontein site as well as planned equipment and infrastructure will be discussed.


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