A three-dimensional (3D) joint inversion of the magnetic anomaly due to a vertical right circular cylinder with arbitrary polarization and its analytic signal is presented. This geometry is commonly used for the modelling of kimberlite pipes. The analytical derivatives of the body parameters are derived and used in the inversion to avoid numerical problems that may result from the use of numerical derivatives based on finite differences. The inversion uses the Levenberg-Marquardt algorithm. It is found that the inversion of the analytic signal gives better results for the geometry of the source body than the inversion of the magnetic anomaly alone. Finally, the proposed joint inversion gives more stable results and is more robust than the separate inversions of these two data sets. The joint inversion also allows better estimation of the parameters of the cylinder than the inversion of the magnetic anomaly or its analytic signal alone. This is especially true for the orientation and strength of remanent magnetization when present.


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