The proposed boundaries of geological terranes in northeastern Botswana are mainly based on regional magnetic and gravity data, because there are not many outcrops available due to the thick Phanerozoic cover rocks. The extent of the Zimbabwe craton into Botswana as well as the location of the boundaries to its neighbouring mobile belts (Limpopo Belt, Magondi Mobile Belt and Ghanzi-Chobe Belt) are not very well known. Magnetotelluric (MT) profiles of the Southern African MagnetoTelluric EXperiments (SAMTEX) are present in this area and provide information about lithospheric strike directions and the resistivity distributions as well as possible locations of terrane boundaries, which verify some of the proposed terrane boundaries and suggest modification for others (e.g., Ghanzi-Chobe Belt to Magondi Mobile Belt terrane boundary and the western boundary of the Zimbabwe craton).


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