Passive seismic methods have been traditionally applied to study the Earth’s internal structure using earthquake data. It is only recently that these methods have been used in petroleum reservoir delineation. Monitoring of fluid pathways in a producing reservoir is imperative for optimal reservoir management and maximal oil recovery. A pilot microseismic experiment has been designed and implemented in a Saudi Arabian oil field for mapping of Arab-D Reservoir drainage patterns. The experiment is unique because of the large array of permanent multicomponent seismic sensors that are deployed at various levels in the borehole and over a surface area surrounding the borehole. The passive microseisms are recorded simultaneously in the surface and borehole sensors. The<br>field pilot will test the ability for recording microseismic events caused by Arab-D Reservoir production and injection activities. The combined surface and boreholebased measurements are designed to provide a wide areal coverage over the reservoir. The sensor network is designed to capture events of greater than Richter magnitude -3, with frequencies from 10 to 1,000 Hertz within two kilometers of the hypocenters. In addition to microseismic, permanent pressure and temperature sensors were installed in the wellbore. Fluid-flow anisotropy in the area is evident from production behavior and well test data but the flow pathways and mechanism for the anisotropy are not resolved. Microseismic data could provide the location and relative fracture density that will improve the reservoir-flow, simulation models. Monitoring microseismic events over time will enable better prediction of fluid-flow behavior and the planning of production and injection well locations for optimizing reservoir production and ultimate recovery.


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