Permanent Scatterers SAR Interferometry (PSInSAR™) is today one of the most advanced and successful remote sensing technology used for surface deformation monitoring. In PSInSAR™ long series of satellite radar acquisitions, gathered repeatedly over the same target area, are processed. The analysis resolves, with millimetric precision, surface motions and small-scale features, including displacement rates of individual targets as oil pump, pipeline, plants, buildings, etc. PSInSAR™ data provides a depiction of spatial deformation over the surveyed area with an unprecedented accuracy. Information about surface displacements leads to a better understanding of the terrain and better coordination of production drilling. During production, the possible risks to the local environment can be continuously monitored. The dynamic of ground displacements of an oil-field area in the Middle East, subsidence phenomena and seismic faults in North America and Europe are some of the case studies that will be presented. These<br>examples will show the potentialities of the PSInSAR™ in assessing the environmental impact of drilling activities and storage areas.


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