Managing the growing volumes of information and data is fast becoming a significant issue for most E&P asset teams. Schlumberger Information Solutions has developed a unique set of solutions using the ProSourceTM suite of software to manage across multiple projects and multiple data stores the asset team’s information. Data stores include PetrelTM, GeoFrameTM, OpenWorksTM and FinderTM, with connections to any other data stores that are OpenSpiritTM enabled. Key workflows include, globally searching across multiple projects and multiple data stores using a single application console that centralizes the project data management, eliminating project by project data management. Visualizing the information via GIS or in spreadsheets, automated quality control assurance for data integrity using data compare tools which brings confidence and data consistency to the end user, quality tagging of the data, capturing of milestones of interpretation data into a vendor neutral repository for easy retrieval for partners. Creation of an audit trail for your E&P studies and regulatory reporting. If these solutions fit your E&P needs the ProSource suite of solutions can help you manage your E&P asset teams and minimize the time administrating and maximize the<br>quality and consistency of the data being used by your asset team.


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